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Report a lost or stolen Debit Card

During regular banking hours, Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm, contact the Customer Service Department at (304) 375-6262 or (304) 485-1717.

During non-banking hours, call (304) 375-3028

We offer competitive rates to help put you in that new car or boat of your dreams. Have you had unexpected expenses arise, or are you looking to take that long awaited vacation?

Fund immediate or long-term needs – without having to dip into your savings.  Our rate, customizable terms, and in-house approval make this a loan that works for you.

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Enjoy low rates and affordable payment plans on an auto loan.  Whether you are purchasing a new or used vehicle, let us design a loan to fit your needs.

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Our experienced local lenders can help you find the right real estate loan for you.  Contact us today for a customized real estate loan.

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You have dreamed of owning a home, you have worked for it, and you got it.  Now that house can help you finance a new dream. With local lenders and flexible financing, let us help you make that dream come true.

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