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Williamstown Bank has a proud, rich history in West Virginia.


October 1, 1919

Early in the 20th Century, a group of community minded individuals realized the town of Williamstown, West Virginia, was in need of a local bank. These men met and incorporated a new bank. This bank would be known as the Farmers and Mechanics National Bank of Williamstown.

December 1919

The newly organized bank of Farmers and Mechanics National Bank of Williamstown officially opened for business. The first Board of Directors consisted of F.L. Fenton, J.J. Lorentz, E.E. Lane, George Pugh, M. Richter, Frank Lane, D. Reynolds, O.D. King, and B.F. Riggs. The bank’s first officers were F.L. Fenton, President; E.E. Lane, Vice President; and J.J. Lorentz, Cashier.


The bank was prosperous throughout the years and moved into their current location at 435 Highland Avenue in Williamstown.


Controlling interest in the Bank was purchased by A.V. Criss and Douglas Adams. After operating together for several years, the interest of Douglas Adams was purchased by A.V. Criss, Jr. Mr. Criss passed away in 1983 and his wife, L. Gay Criss, assumed the position of controlling shareholder of the bank, until her death in May 2008. The Criss family remains heavily involved in the bank.

January 1, 1964

The name of the bank was changed to The Williamstown National Bank. This was done to shorten the name of the Bank and make it conform to common usage. The bank had commonly been referred to as The Williamstown Bank for many years.


The Officers and Directors of the bank decided to open a branch office at 3002 E. 7th Street, Parkersburg, West Virginia.

March 13, 2007

The bank’s shareholders approved changing the bank’s charter to a state charter and began the process for the bank to become Williamstown Bank, Inc. This change was effective June 1, 2007.

October 1, 2019

Williamstown Bank celebrated its 100th Anniversary in business. Although the Bank has seen many changes over the last 100 years, our mission as an independent community bank, providing the best customer service possible, continues to remain the same.

January 27th, 2020

Williamstown Bank officially opened its doors to its new location in the Lubeck area of Parkersburg, West Virginia, when the bank discovered a need for an institution. Advancing in technology and customer service, the new location features a non-traditional layout, designed as an open and inviting space for the public, including outdoor seating and public wifi. The innovation of Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) provide live video teller support, expanding business hours of operation for customer convenience.

Present Day

The Bank continues to grow and prosper and remains one of the few Community Banks left in the State of West Virginia.

Carlee Squires

Carlee Squires


Melissa Mackey

Melissa Mackey headshot

Williamstown Office
NMLS #1465402

Ali Flowers

Ali Flowers headshot

Customer Relationship Officer
Williamstown Office
NMLS #1464665

Jennifer Seckman

Jennifer Seckman headshot

Customer Relationship Officer
Lubeck Office
NMLS #1465349

Rosanne Deem

Rosanne Deem headshot

Asst. Vice President
Human Resource Officer

Mary Dick

Mary Dick headshot

Risk Management
Asst. Vice President

Tamera Stevens

Tamera Stevens headshot

Risk Management
Asst. Vice President
BSA Officer

Jason Lee

Jason Lee headshot

Vice President
Collection Manager

Teresa Cunningham

teresa cunningham headshot

Vice President
Mortgage Loans

Melissa Morrison

Melissa Morrison headshot

Parkersburg Office
Vice President

Todd Cunningham

todd cunningham headshot

Vice President
Commercial Loans

Kelly Allen

kelly allen headshot

Risk Management
Senior Vice President
Audit & Compliance

Joe Flinn

joe-flinn headshot

Senior Vice President

Sharon Anderson


President and Chief Executive Officer

Alan V. Criss



Robert A. Criss


Vice Chairman

Walter R. Butcher, Jr.



John N. Hays



Dr. Steven L. Eddy



E. K. Sleeth