Williamstown Bankable

A New Look, Same People, Same Values – What Banking Can Be!

July is not only the marker of a hot Mid-Ohio Valley summer, but it is also the marker of big changes at Williamstown Bank! July is a month that we look outward to the prospect of an innovative, community minded, and forward-thinking banking experience. Not just a bank that holds your accounts, rather an active part in your life and community. That is the embodiment and aspects that Williamstown Bank is trying to foster and output into a new intuitive customer experience.

With that being said, comes the launch of a new look for Williamstown Bank! This new look is sleek and refined and truly embodies our vision  for future generations in the consumer banking realm. Our mission puts forth  our promise of ‘community-based evolution’ which basically means that we will continue to grow and change with the needs of our communities. Our communities are the people that keep us going and growing, so we reflect that even though our look is changing, our values and mission, to better serve you and all your family remain the same.

“[We want to] provide a banking experience unlike any other, centered around dedication to the customer and community. [We want to] be the Mid-Ohio Valley leader in community banking through cutting edge products and services and community-driven service.” These words from our mission statement of Williamstown Bank truly describe what we want to accomplish every time you walk through our doors. Williamstown Bank is more than bank branches, more than a transaction, and more than a forgettable bank account; we are the bank that does the most to help your lives improve with each transaction, experience, and visit.

Innovative, personalized, community-minded, convenient, and trustworthy are just a few of our core values. We are going to continue to push these to the forefront of banking. Setting the bar for the banking experience higher than any others in the area.

“The perfect balance of traditional banking and technology to meet all customers where they may be.” No words could be truer.

Come let us show you our new look – same people, same values, same service. Williamstown Bank, the forerunner in community banking – Let us show you What Banking Can Be!