Animated Mother with Child in her Arms - Happy Mother's Day

Williamstown Bankable

Celebrating Mother’s


With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, Williamstown Bank wants to thank all the mothers that not only make our lives so much better but also give us love and support through times of need. We also want to think about and thank the new mothers, those that are welcoming new children into the world and those who are mothers to long grown children. We see you and love you and thank you for your love and support.

Williamstown Bank not only wants to support your family through the trials of life, but we also want to make sure you have the necessary tools and resources to bring the best information to your family! Here are a few tips and tricks when it comes to family matters, privacy, and even preparing for the good and the bad.

Tip #1:  Are you are worried about what will happen to your finances if something were to happen to you. Look to your children! As mother’s there is great responsibility of providing for your families, but in this case your family can provide for you! Make sure that you have appropriate documentation that would allow your family members to take care of your finances if something bad were to happen. Ask your bank about a Payable Upon Death member or even Power of Attorney and what role that has when it comes to your finances.

Tip #2:  Are you a new mother? Are you expecting a little one? Congratulations! This is the perfect time to start saving for their future! At Williamstown Bank, we offer many options for savings accounts as well as high interest-bearing accounts that could greatly impact the balance of your savings over the course of your child’s life! We also offer trust savings accounts that your child would be able to take over when they reach an old enough age! We have so many options for helping you plan for your future with your new bundle of joy! Do not think it is too early to start thinking about their finances!

Tip #3:  Take a moment to thank all the mothers in your lives. This is not a financial tip but taking a moment of gratitude to simply acknowledge those women that show us the most support, love and strength can show your own love. Thank you again mothers, in whatever stage of life you find yourself! Mothers, Stepmothers, Mother-in-laws, Grandmothers, and all others in between, we love you!

Happy Mother’s Day!