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It’s free checking that pays.

1.86% APY

on balances up to $15,000
when qualifications are met

0.15% APY

on all balances even if
qualifications are not met

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Time is valuable, and with our busy lifestyles, free time is hard to come by. Do yourself a favor and sign up for Mobile Check Deposit and deposit checks from your smartphone or mobile device.

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There's no such thing as "too much fraud protection". This is one reason we offer protection for your identity information. The Equifax "cybersecurity incident" potentially impacted approximately 143 million US customers. You can read the Equifax press release regarding the incident by visiting this link: . From the press release: "Equifax has established a dedicated website,, to help consumers determine if their information has been potentially impacted." For more information on Kasasa Protect, click the link below.

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