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Kasasa Care

We’ve partnered with Kasasa to offer you life solutions you need and benefits you’ll love.  Whether you are looking for Health insurance, Life insurance or Identity Protection – we can help with our Kasasa Care program.

What Helping Can Be!

Kasasa Care

You need insurance and it can be confusing.  Let us help you find a plan that meets your needs and your budget.  Kasasa Care – Health

  • Health Insurance – protect you, your family, and your finances from the high cost of unexpected medical bills
  • Prescription Savings – search free coupons to get up to 80% off at 60,000+ pharmacies
  • Vision Insurance – get a better view of your overall health with savings on all things eye for you and your family
  • Dental Insurance – save on cleanings, fillings, and more with plans for you and your family
  • Medicare – be confident in your choice of Medicare

Life insurance is an investment in your family’s future, but many of us don’t have enough.  Kasasa Care – Life

  • Get a quote with zero commitment
  • Calculate how much life insurance you need
  • Protect your loved ones

Protecting your identity, electronics, and personal property can give you peace of mind.  Kasasa Care – Protect

  • Identity Protection – choose from three levels of protection all with 24/7 internet surveillance, credit monitoring, restoration assistance, and more
  • Electronics Protection – cover your devices against drops, cracks, scratches, and other accidents
  • Personal Property Protection – cover the appliances you rely on the most from unexpected (and expensive) mishaps

Kasasa Protect

There’s a battle underway for your identity – and fraudsters don’t play fair. Stay two steps ahead with Kasasa Protect™.  Choose the amount of protection that is right for you – three different plans offering all the essentials you need to secure your identity:

    • 24/7 credit monitoring
    • Annual credit reports: one bureau
    • Credit monitoring and tracker: one bureau
    • Internet surveillance
    • Lost wallet protection
    • Full-service Identity restoration
    • and much more!

Payment options available for Kasasa Protect’s monthly service fee.


Or speak to an account representative about Kasasa Protect today by calling (304) 375-6262 or (304) 375-3021 or (304) 973-1442


Do you already have Kasasa Protect and need help?

  • Kasasa Support:  (888) 483-3301   or  Kasasa Support and click on ‘Identity Protection’